We’re looking for a stellar Senior Interactive Developer


You will be responsible for turning requirements, wireframes and psds into workable applications and deploying them into various client environments, paying keen attention to client service while adhering to deadlines. You will write code to best practices and recommend technical solutions that fit the constraints of the project.

You will work within a small, dedicated team of Colorfield employees and trusted contractors and should have at least five years of experience developing for advertising/marketing projects in an agency or production company role. As one of a few employees, you will help shape the direction of the company using technology, with a keen eye toward researching new possiblities allowed by changing technology.


  • Ability to deliver high quality work above all else.
  • A keen eye for creative detail.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including responsive design.
  • Knowledge and mastery of another language (props if that language is ActionScript or C/C++).
  • No fear of picking up a new language and running with it.
  • Passion for staying current with emerging web technologies.
  • Keen understanding of the challenges of web video playback and encoding.
  • Appreciation of open source libraries as well as knowing when rolling with your own code is faster.
  • Awareness of backend technologies.
  • Knowledge of databases; you won’t be called on to write inner and outer joins but should know how to do basic CRUD.
  • Some post secondary education, even if it is in something fun like beekeeping.
  • Passion for things outside of the Internet.
  • The ability to use code as a weapon against unreasonable client requests.
  • The skills to handle multiple projects at once, although we’ll try our best to keep it to one.
  • Experience or appreciation for mobile app development or Arduino or hacking Quadcoptors.

Please submit a resume/portfolio to