Colorfield works with brands and creative agencies to help them bring digital ideas to life.

We shoot, design, animate, develop and produce and if it lives in the digital world, we’ve probably done it: touch screens, sites, Facebook apps, mobile and yes, banners too.

Home Base

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Our Founders

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Combined Experience

We have over a million years of experience.

That includes several years working agency-side at shops big and small, integrated and pure-play digital. Now we focus on the digital production side of things, partnering with brands and agencies all over North America (we’re still trying to crack Europe and Asia) on everything from straightforward banner campaigns to complex HTML5 sites with integrated CG and video (that we’ve shot and produced).

This is how insanely fun we are to work with.

These are the types of things we’re good at:


  • Concept & Treatments
  • UX and UI Design
  • Live Action Direction


  • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
  • Air, Flash
  • API integration
  • Other nerdy stuff

Production & Post

  • Live Action Shooting
  • Editorial
  • Motion Graphics
  • CG Design & Animation
  • Sound design & production
  • Quality Assurance


Colorfield’s three partners have been working together (in one iteration or another) pretty much forever. Michael and Tim originally worked together at a digital agency a few years back. Then Michael left and went to an integrated agency where he worked with Amanda. The three amigos started Colorfield together in 2012.


Executive Producer

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People call me Executive Producer at Colorfield. Please think of me as someone who produces more, and is a stuffy executive less, or hopefully not at all. But someone had to take the title and neither Michael or Tim wanted it.

As the producer side of Colorfield my job is to make things happen. So I make budgets. I make schedules. I organize talent and I organize our team. Whatever it takes, I do it. If we’re being one hundred percent honest here, sometimes I find someone else to do it. But the point is it gets done, and not by you. So if you have an idea for a website that requires online videos shot in the old KGB offices in Belarus that get pushed out to a mobile site using QR codes scanned from posters with photography shot in Iqualuit that gets posted to a brand page on Flickr, no worries, I can make all that happen.

I’ve been making things happen my whole career at various leading agencies on both the traditional and interactive side for some great clients. So I’ve had a hand in a lot of great, award-winning, successful campaigns. Which makes me feel good. To see some of that work, please click here.


Creative Director

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Amanda and Tim like to joke that I’m the oldest man in interactive. I know, I don’t find it very funny either.

But I will say that the plus side of having a bit of grey hair is that it really does mean that I have a lot of experience. Most of it comes from the agency side of the business (the grey hair and the experience). I was a CD at places like Modem Media, then Digitas, then Organic in San Francisco. In Toronto I was CD at henderson bas, then the interactive CD at Dentsu. Like all good agency folk, I jumped around a bit.

And now the obligatory “I‘ve won a ton of awards from pretty much every major show out there”. But enough about me.

I do stuff like: writing creative treatments, directing live action, doing fun stuff in After Effects and art directing and designing.

You can find more of my past work, over here.


Technical Director

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Our team leans on me to figure out how to make your sometimes very complex ideas happen quickly on a budget. That means I have to know a lot of technologies. I also have to know how to make those technologies work together to create a user experience that people love. That can be a pretty difficult thing to do sometimes, but I like doing it and honestly, I’m not good at very much else.

From the first time that I clicked ‘View Source’ in Netscape Navigator, I was hooked on figuring out exactly how the Internet worked. So I do a lot of reading and even more programming. Frankly, it’s a curse for me but something that you can benefit from when you work with Colorfield.

In my spare time, I cook elaborate meals for my family, watch the Toronto Maple Leafs lose at hockey, ride a road bike (that I’m a few pounds too heavy for) and fall off my snowboard. I spend one night a week nerding out while hacking physical, Arduino-ish things with a group of very smart and very dedicated beer drinkers. They’re teaching me a lot.

My neighbour has seven cats. My favorite cat’s name is Steve. He’s pretty much my best friend.